Affordable luxury pods that offer a space to live, work, or play! Influenced by nature and built to enhance your lifestyle.

Transportable home

These 29sqm Location Pods provide a cost-effective way to create a permanent home, a weekend cabin, a guest house, or office in the backyard. With the ability to move the entire pod to a separate location and utilise it for a different purpose later on is a benefit of a prefabricated and transportable home.

Constructed entirely at our facility in Taranaki and delivered to the customer complete and ready to move in. Customers can choose their selections in just a few clicks online.

Pods are ideal for
  • Small home living
  • Art or yoga studio
  • Airbnb
  • Office space
  • Guest accommodation
  • Holiday Bach
  • Gym
  • Glamping accommodation
  • Extension to your home

Why choose a Location Pod?

Affordable luxury

The Pods' architectural design incorporates high-quality building materials and thoughtfully chosen design elements to provide a luxurious experience at a more reasonable cost. The design more than makes up for its size with comfort and style. The availability of advanced technologies also improves the overall experience, ensuring a contemporary, luxurious way of living.

transportable cabin

Practical layout and functionality

Designed to maximise indoor-outdoor living and views of the surrounding landscape. The kitchen is located parallel to the living area, and although cosy in size, is well-equipped with plenty of storage. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to feel more connected to the outdoors and the surrounding environment. The bathroom is tucked behind the open-concept bedroom area for more privacy.

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Easy maintenance

Constructed using building materials that require little upkeep and make life simpler. Long-term savings are made possible by the use of high-quality and durable materials which require little maintenance and allow you to spend more time outdoors or inside relaxing.

transportable homes

In touch with nature

Because of their versatility, our Pods can be installed in a range of rural or urban locations. The natural wood interior finish blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, allowing the outdoors to come in through our floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, allowing you to feel reconnected with nature.

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Built off-site

We can deliver a finished product on time and on budget thanks to off-site construction. Our Pods are constructed in a controlled facility, which ensures quality control and eliminates delays, as well as reducing waste of both resources and time. The Pods can then be delivered to your site and installed in a fraction of the time of conventional construction.

Transportable cabin

High-quality materials and build standards

Our pods are built and braced to extra high wind zone ratings, so are suitable for any region in New Zealand. Further to this, our Pods are designed to the new H1 standards with Low-E glass and high R-value insulation. Our cladding and linings are pre-finished, durable and tough for delivery and have manufacturer warranties. All of our fixings and fittings are high-quality with proven performance.

Transportable cabins
Floorplan options
Shell + Bathroom
Shell + Bathroom + Kitchen
Shell + Kitchen
1-2 Days
14 days
30 days

Our process

Step 1 — 1-2 days
Build your pod
This can be done by using our online Pod builder and offers real time  pricing. Here you can select your floorplan, colour selections and add ons. A quote will then be pre-populated and you can request a final quote. You can reach out to our consultation team at anytime to discuss your selections.
1-2 Days
14 days
30 days
30 days
12-16 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Building Consent or Resource Consent?

Our pods are consented ex-warehouse. The pods will need an ‘onsite’  building consent for screw piles, septic system and stormwater and is unique to each region which we will help with.

Resource Consent is unique to each region and will have to be checked with the local body council for proximity to waterways, land zoning etc, but since the pods are under 30m2 typically no resource consent is required in urban settings.

Is there a 2-bedroom option?

Not yet, but we are planning on launching a 2-bedroom option in the near future. If you’re interested in learning more feel free to contact us for more information.

Is there a finance option?

We have an ongoing relationship with BNZ and would be happy to put you in touch with our account manager to discuss financing your Location Pod.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to the North Island of New Zealand and transport costs are available on request. If you are wanting a Location Pod delivered to the South Island or to the Pacific Islands we can provide you with transport costs.

Do prices include delivery?

Transport costs are additional and vary depending on your location. Transport cost is supplied on request.

Do you have a show home?

We do not have a show home at this stage.

How much does a Location Pod cost?

Location Pods start from $114,990. Use our Location Pod builder for a custom detailed quote.

My site has difficult access, can the Pods be built on-site?

No, our Pods are transportable and must be built off site. If you’re concerned about your site's access, you can contact our team to discuss your site or concerns further (see process chart).

How customisable is a Location Pod?

Customisable options are available. Talk to our team to discuss further.

What is the typical insulation rating?

R2.8 walls, R7 ceilings, floor R2.8 expol

Can we visit during the construction stage?

No, visiting our site is not possible. However, we will send you regular updates with images so you can keep track of the process and quality of your Pod.

What sort of Guarantees do you provide?

Location Pods offer a 10-year Master Builders Guarantee on all new Pods. This includes a quality guarantee and guarantee on your deposit. All manufacturers also offer their warranties which differ depending on which one it is.
You will need to source your own builder to complete the decking. Depending on your location, we can recommend local builders.

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