In recent years, tiny homes have attracted a lot of interest due to their low environmental effect and their affordability in a climate where land is becoming more scarce and housing costs are growing, particularly in and around urban areas. This implies that for many that a tiny home represents the ideal home solution. They give folks access to a vast array of possibilities, like when a traditional home is out of reach, a tiny house allows them to own their own home, which can be life-changing.

There are various reasons why someone would purchase a tiny home in New Zealand, as seen by their recent spike in popularity and the fact that they are no longer seen as only a temporary solution. Whether you choose to live in one, turn one into a guest house for friends and family in the backyard or earn extra money by renting one out on Airbnb. Below we are excited to introduce Location Pods, New Zealand’s newest luxury tiny home. 

What is a Tiny Home?

There is no formal tiny home definition, however the concept ‘tiny’ usually refers to dwellings that are no larger than 37 square metres or 400 square feet. The two main types of tiny homes are permanent tiny homes and tiny homes on wheels (THOW). According to the New Zealand Tiny House Association (NZTHA), a permanent tiny home is a building that is permanently fastened to the ground, has the appearance and functioning of a home, and is around the size of a big caravan or recreational vehicle. A tiny home on wheels is constructed on a trailer, is not permanently affixed to the ground, and resembles a sizeable caravan or recreational vehicle while also providing the appearance and functionality of a permanent home.

Without a special permit, a transportable tiny home can be constructed no larger than 30sqm. This is approx 2.5 metres wide by 4.25 metres high and 12.5 metres long and the weight cannot be greater than 3.5 tonnes. The maximum dimensions of a fixed tiny home are not constrained, but they will be determined by local and regional regulations as well as site-specific information, all of which vary across the nation and from location to location.

Introducing Location Pods

Due to the tiny home demand, Location Pods was born. What sets these pods apart from their competitors is the high-quality materials used, trust and experienced builders and the practical yet luxurious design and build elements. The depth of the pod is one of the primary design characteristics, providing the users with a more practical, spacious, and comfortable living space. Material and fixture selections have also been carefully considered to ensure that the high degree of craftsmanship is maintained.

Location Homes, which has been constructing affordable luxury homes all around Taranaki and the Mid North for more than 17-years, is the parent company of Location Pods. The team made the decision to provide a solution that sets the bar high while being more affordable than an architecturally built pod as a result of the increased demand for smaller or temporary dwelling options.

Beach Render - Location Pods


What makes Location Pods the ultimate tiny home?

Location Pods are available in a range of floor plan options which suit many different uses. These include:

Location pods shell

Shell only

The shell-only version consists of four walls with electrical additions such as lighting and power outlets. This is an excellent choice for someone looking for more living space or as an office expansion in a commercial setting. Because this design is under 30sqm and doesn’t require plumbing connections, this pod does not need onsite council consent or resource consent. Here are a few things a Pod could be used for:

  • Yoga Studio

  • At Home Office

  • Sleep-out

  • Commercial Office

  • Gym

  • At Home Business

  • Holiday Park Accommodation

Location pods shell + kitchenLocation pods shell + bathroom

With kitchenette or bathroom only 

The addition of a kitchenette to the pod design means that the pod can be utilised for more purposes. The kitchen is custom created for the pod and comes in three colour options; black, white, or a natural wood finish. The kitchen is equipped with an oven, a stovetop, a refrigerator, and storage. The kitchen's design includes a huge cupboard next to the kitchen that may be utilised for additional storage or as a laundry. These options may be great for:

  • Beauty therapist Studio
  • Home Hairdresser Studio 
  • Art Studio

Location pods shell + bathroom + kitchen

With bathroom and kitchenette

By adding a bathroom and kitchenette, this pod offers a self-contained option for those looking for a smaller, more affordable way of life without compromising luxury. The custom kitchen is available in three colour finishes: black, white, or a natural wood finish and it flows into the bathroom, which has a single drawer floating vanity in either black, white, or natural wood (to match the kitchen). The bathroom is decked out with a spacious floor to ceiling shower with silver tapware and toilet. The kitchen is equipped with an oven, a stovetop, a refrigerator, and storage. The kitchen's design includes a huge cupboard next to the kitchen that may be utilised for additional storage or as a laundry. There is enough room for a large size bed and couch offering a living space to relax in. These options may be great for:

  • Tiny Home

  • Granny Flat

  • Second Dwelling

  • Home office

  • Luxury boutique accommodation

  • Airbnb

  • Holiday Park accommodation

Why choose Location pods?

Location Pods is comprised of a team of designers, builders, and project managers with years of industry experience. With strong partnerships with a variety of suppliers, our relationships extend beyond those with our clients, ensuring that we always provide the highest quality product and service. In addition, we are also registered Master Builders.

Being a Master Builder means that we are backed by a trusted brand  that acknowledges that we build quality homes and buildings that last. Representing the best in the industry and uphold the highest standards. To become a Master Builder, certain quality criteria must be met. This includes:

  • Building experience
  • Trade and professional qualifications
  • On-site management experience 
  • Workmanship: previous clients have been contacted to ensure their work is of a high standard and has satisfied their expectations
  • Financial responsibility: written references have been provided from their bank, accountant and building material suppliers.

And, only a Master Builder can offer you peace of mind with a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee on residential work

Backed by a 10-year master builders guarantee

To back our product and our service, when you invest in a Location Pod you will receive a 10-year master builders guarantee. Because of the nature of a transportable cabin, the guarantee is only valid at one address for the 10-year period, which means that if the pod is relocated from the location where we deliver it, the guarantee is null and void.

Ready to learn more?

For a variety of reasons, including beautiful designs, living with less clutter, and having more money, not to mention they can fit in many areas and have numerous uses. Location Pods make a wise choice for many New Zealanders. If you would like to learn more about our pricing, process and so much more. Download our Location Pod brochure for more information.

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