Have you considered that you could be earning money from unused space in your backyard? A transportable cabin is an affordable way to generate side earnings from existing, under-utilised land. Here are seven ways you could create income from a transportable cabin.

Land is a valuable resource in New Zealand. And with the ever-increasing demand for housing, your backyard can be put to good use. Whether that be a short-term rental, guest accommodation, commercial space or more - a transportable cabin creates options for generating income from your own backyard.

What you can do with your land will depend on size, location, zoning and available resources. But we’re here to help you with all of that.

What is a transportable Cabin?

A transportable cabin, tiny home, pod - whatever term you prefer to use! Are small houses that are constructed off-site and then transported to your land. 

This type of home construction is rising rapidly in popularity for a number of reasons. Transportable cabins are an affordable option compared to a traditional home, a long time rental, or a commercial property investment. 

Built with modern materials they’re sustainable, warm, comfortable, low-cost when it comes to utilities, and easy maintenance.

How do I choose the right transportable cabin for my needs?

Some companies build transportable cabins with budget materials, designed for a quick turnaround. Most of these types of cabins will meet minimum building codes, but are not built to last and ideally not suitable for permanent or short-term living. Some use international cabin designs that are not purpose-built for NZ’s unique climate.

Our Location Pods difference is that we custom build each pod with high-quality materials, meeting the highest building standards in NZ. Our pods are built and braced to extra high wind zone rating, so are suitable for any region in New Zealand. We’ll work with you through all stages of the journey from site plans, to building consents, construction and delivery.

Start by choosing Location Pods. Let us know your needs and your budget and we’ll work with you to get the best transportable cabin for your site. We have a variety of design options to suit your personal needs and will work closely with you to stay within budget. We guarantee our Pods are safe, warm, liveable, and built to last. 

How can I make money from a transportable cabin?

You’ve come to the right place! Here are the top seven ways to generate money from a transportable cabin in your own backyard.

7 ways transportable cabins can generate income:

Take advantage of the high-demand rental market and create a modern, warm and liveable space for tenants. Location Pods specialises in cabins that are fully self-contained - meaning tenants can live completely separate from your main home. 

And with full insulation and modern building materials, your rental will already tick all of the boxes for the Government’s “healthy homes” requirements, and your tenants will be thanking you for a home that’s comfortable all year round - and for their low power bills! To get an idea of what you could charge for rent in your area, check out this handy market rent calculator.

No doubt you’re aware of Airbnb and how it’s taken the market by storm. In NZ alone, there are more than 37,000 Airbnb listings, priced anywhere from $32 to $1,500 per night.

Many people choose to stay in an Airbnb because it’s usually more affordable than a hotel. But many choose Airbnb because they want to stay somewhere that is unique, or has character and charm. 

A backyard cabin ticks all of those boxes. Check out this award-winning cabin at the base of Mount Taranaki for inspiration.

For Airbnb hosts, a transportable cabin is the ideal accommodation. The small size means it doesn’t take long to clean, it can be turned over faster, and you don’t have high land-use costs. Find out how much you could make from an Airbnb.

Commercial Office
If you work for yourself and pay for an office space in the centre of town, then a cabin could be a great option for you to save on commercial rent costs.You’ll have more than enough space for a desk and computer, and enough leftover to create a comfortable sitting area for clients.

Location Pods are modern and professional and we’ll work with you to design a pod that suits your needs. Don’t need an office space? There’s always others who do, Start by asking your neighbours - they’ll just be glad to avoid the commute!

Student accommodation
If you live in an area that has a university, polytechnic or other higher-education institution then no doubt you’ll have students who are looking for warm and affordable accommodation for the duration of their course. For many, this is their first time away from home, and from their parents, and they’ll likely feel more comfortable knowing you’re right next door if they need you.

If this isn’t an option in your area, consider a homestay option for a high-school student. Hosts receive a payment to cover the cost of accommodating students. You’ll need to provide a supportive and caring environment for your student, but the bonus of a transportable cabin is that you still enable a level of privacy and independence for you both.

Music lessons
Music is the first thing that springs to our minds for teaching lessons, but there are plenty more creative options out there! If you’re lucky enough to be musically-skilled, teaching is a great way to bring in some extra cash. You’ll have a return on your investment in no time at all.

Hobby studio
If you’re creatively inclined, you can use a transportable cabin for creating art, jewellery, handmade clothing and more. There’s a myriad of places online where you can sell your creations - eBay, TradeMe, Facebook Marketplace and more. Alternatively, take your creative hobby and turn it into a side hustle by teaching classes or taking lessons straight from home.

Beauty salon
Think massage, hairdressing, manicures, cosmetic tattoo, waxing and more. But without the expensive up-front cost of a home extension, renovation, or cost of a commercial space! Our modern, Location Pods will create a comfortable, luxurious, relaxed and homely environment for your clients.

Ready to get started?

A Location Pod can provide you with a modern, unique and affordable space for guests or clients. Take the first step to generating income from your backyard and ask us for a free no-obligation quote today. 

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