Spending more quality time at home over the last few years has inspired us to reconsider how we use our homes. Prioritising comfort, spacious living quarters, private office spaces, and outdoor entertaining areas are now all high on the priority list. Luckily, when building a new custom design and build home, you have the freedom to choose exactly what you desire without compromise, creating a home that is uniquely yours.

As a trusted local design and build company we have put together our five must-have features that should be considered when designing your dream home.

Alfresco Living

Alfresco living

People are increasing the functionality of the outdoors as they become more aware of its advantages. By incorporating an outdoor entertaining space to your home, you can easily bring the outside in creating a second living space that flows into your indoor open plan space seamlessly.

An outdoor entertaining area can include many luxury features that can help you enjoy the space during any season. Features such as an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ and wine refrigerator, outdoor heating,  lighting, and even an outdoor surround sound system are sure to wow not only your family but also your guests.

Multi-purpose breakout room

As our lives evolve over time, so does our need for more space. The recent pandemic is an excellent example of many homeowners converting spaces in their homes as a place to work, and home offices in the form of a room or a nook are now a common requirement in new construction homes.

A multi-purpose breakout room is an extra room in your home that can be transformed into any space and adapts as your life does. It could be a home office, a multi-media room, an extra bedroom, or a home gym.

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Double garage

Double garages were once considered an extravagance for larger buildings, but now they are frequently incorporated into the build design of many residential homes. In addition to having many useful day-to-day functions, adding a double garage to your home can be a smart investment as the space can be used for much more than just storing your car. Some homeowners use their garages as home offices, gyms, or utility rooms as well as a social space for gatherings and parties.

Home garages are often connected to the home through internal access providing dry and easier unloading from the car into the house. However homeowners with garages attached to their house often don’t realise how much cold air can leak into the home from the garage. This is where the overall design of your home and how it flows can be instrumental. Adding wall insulation can help keep the space warmer during the cooler winter months. Another option is to install an insulated garage door or garage carpet to help keep more heat in.


In addition to providing extra storage, a scullery also serves as an extra utility space for meal preparation or to help hide clutter when entertaining guests, allowing your main kitchen to remain the focal point for entertaining and feeding visitors. 

A scullery also offers lots of space for storing big appliances (such as mixers, bread makers, and blenders) that you don't use very often or for keeping commonly used products at eye level. This is one of the most common luxury must-haves.

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High ceilings

When it comes to opening up your space and making it feel grander, taller ceilings are almost always a good investment. There is a significant difference in the look and feel of a standard 2.4metre ceiling and a 2.7metre stud height, with the latter option adding significantly not only to the literal amount of space in your home but also to how luxurious it appears and feels.


If you’re in the early stages of planning your new home then the first step in building a custom home is to start the design process. Our committed team can support you along the way as you work to create the home of your dreams. We understand that not all of these features are appropriate for all homeowners, and that your luxury must-haves may change depending on your location, site and budget.

If you’re ready to talk through your new custom design home then contact us to start your journey. If you're still looking for home ideas, download our style guide, which features a wide range of homes that we've built over the years.

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