Ian Poff – Pitone Rd

We are stoked on the house mate, its turned out really well.

Jamie Gemmell – First National Real Estate

Love the apartment concept, think the design is great. Its a cool style and thought it was well sized! The spaces are really well thought out, you guys have done awesome with your planning! Just wanted to let you know people really love this style of living concept and think you have done a great job! The no body corp is a huge advantage also!

Fiona Turner – Oakura

We have had some amazing comments from everyone about the house, they love it. From the postie to our friends.

Catherine Shetty – Oakura

We absolutely love our new basement, our kids handout these all the time, it has created a lot more space. Awesome design and service.

Karen Scott – Molly Ryan Retirement Village

You guys are doing a great job up there, and your guys are a pleasure to have around.

Kit Sagen – USA

Thank you for the welcome basket! It was very nice to finally meet you. What a great home you have built for us


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